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Name: Jamel Akil Ali Thompson
Zodiac: Libra gang, baby!
Fav Food: Mexican
Fav Color: Blue and White
What did you wanna be when you grew up? Professional Baseball player
What makes you feel accomplished? Finishing a song
1 Thing on Your Bucketlist: Headline the Sprint Center
Coffee or Tea: Tea fo sho
What’s your philosophy  in life? Outwork everybody and everything will work out
What are you most thankful for? That I’m not short LOL…But really, I’m thankful for this moment, right now. 
How do you like your steak? Medium
Ideal Vacation Destination? Brazil…or maybe the Dominican. Wherever the long haired thotties are.
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Pro Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Favorite Pro Player: Derrick Rose
If $ is no object, what do you do all day? Play 2K
Dog or Cats? Dogs. Rottweiler All Day.
First rap you remember listening to? No Limit
What made you start rapping? Seeing Kanye at an Usher concert. He did Spaceships and I was like, “Ok. This is what I should be doing”